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Hi-Tec Print Lamination
A process of coating with 20-30-micron thick matte or glossy polypropylene, PET or polyester. Intended mainly for the pocket folder, bookbinding and packaging products industries, to provide mechanical protection, preventing wear and tear on the paper due to prolonged use. 

Die cutting

The cutting of paper into shapes is used for two purposes.
The main purpose is for functional needs, i.e. for the creation of spreads which, after gluing and assembling, are used as boxes, packaging, stands, pocket folders or any other function.

Hot foil stamping

Foil Hot Stamping is a letter-press technique. A die is made of metal, usually magnesium or copper. Using etching, the image is transferred onto the metal surface, which is warmed to 100-150 degrees C, using strong pressure. The pressure is applied to the stamping foil while the metallic pigment adheres to the substrait.

Embossing and Debossing

Embossing and Debossing on paper is done to give an additional illusion to the three-dimensional experience. Embossing can be done on monochromatic paper and can also accompany a picture.

UV Silk Screen Printing

Silk screen printing where the drying process is done by UV curing. By using silk screen, it is possible to print a layer over 10 times thicker than by using offset, thereby achieving impressive effects.

UV Offset Printing

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